Exquisite and delicate paper sculptures; Sweetheart's Voyage by Artymiss

Paper Sculpture: Sweetheart's Voyage

R 170.00

Cape Town, South Africa

Laser cut from white card and assembled with great care
Measures 14.7 x 14.7, concertina folds on the sides that expand the layers
Envelope included

Pauline Irvine trained as a graphic designer but it's her love of paper and the possibilities contained in a blank sheet that inspired her to start Artymiss. Pauline's natural ability to refine a landscape into layers of delicate detail is extraordinary. Her awe-inspiring 3D paper scenes express both an accurate depiction and an emotive feel of the place. A comprehensive grasp of composition and design allow Pauline to unite the ancient artform of paper-cutting with modern laser-cutting technology. Her pieces range from elegantly box-framed artworks, to greeting cards, place name cards and decorative paper works.