All three bowl stacked
Hand-thrown Porcelain Bowl -  large top
Hand-thrown Porcelain Bowl - large
Bowl of cherries

Hand-thrown Porcelain Bowl - Large

R 120.00

Cape Town, South Africa

Hand-thrown Porcelain Bowl by Sarah Walters
Roughly 12,6cm in diameter x 3cm height
Each bowl is created by hand and therefore measurements will differ

Sarah Walters is a third generation potter, greatly influenced by her father, David Walter's, philoshopy on life and ceramics. Sarah believes in "the beauty and strength of the functional pot; the capacity that pots have to sit quietly in our everyday lives and add sparkle to the intimate daily rituals that we perform, like drinking tea from a favorite mug".

For Sarah, "our histories and cultures can be tracked, understood and maybe even defined through the pots and fragments of ceramics that have been left behind. It is a long and incredible lineage to be a part of".

Sarah works to balance her two greatest influences, by bringing the sculptural and the functional together. As she states, "the more technical knowledge I acquire, and the more control I gain over my material, the more boundaries I find to explore. I treat each piece as an individual, my aim being to tread the line between the organic freshness of form in nature and the elegance of form in function".