R 290.00

Cape Town, South Africa

Art print by Sarah Wocknitz
Hahnemühle Museum Etching MOP 350gsm 
Paper size 17 x 12cm 
Image size 11  x 7cm
Limited edition of 20
Art prints are sold unframed and signed by the artist

Growing up in Europe and now living in South Africa makes you compare what you grew up with and what you are exposed to now. Tradition, food, people, communication, climate and ...the animal kingdom. South Africa and its vast diversity of culture is not only reflected through the people. Flora and fauna are as colourful as South Africans themselves. From the big 5 to the Shongololo worm, all are unique to this continent and every species deserves a portrait.

The Blue Crane, also known as the Stanley or Paradise Crane is the national bird of South Africa. You can find them mainly in the Western Cape as human population growth is a threat for their natural habitats. If you come across one, enjoy his beauty.