Ceca Step Studs
Silver Ceca Step Studs by Long Jean Silver styled

Ceca Step Studs

R 400.00

Cape Town, South Africa

Silver Ceca Step Studs by Long Jean Silver
14 x 13mm polished sterling silver studs with hand-engraved lines and patterns
Sterling silver posts and earring grips (butterflies)

Ceca' means to be adorned, to be decorated, to be beautified.
These studs are part of Jeanie's range inspired by the beautiful shapes and lines used by the Ndebele people to decorate their homes.

Jeanie Hugo is intent on bringing a sense of adventure to her designs. She feels that the jewellery you wear should be about expressing a part of who you are. Her work is effortlessly playful, elegant and unconventional – each piece has been on its own journey through her imagination as she toys with how to express it and bring it back from her musings into the material world.
All her pieces are designed and hand-manufactured in Cape Town, and each expresses Jeanie’s passion for applying her sound training in jewellery design and metalwork.