The Three Golden Hairs and The Sun God
The Three Golden Hairs and The Sun God

The Three Golden Hairs and The Sun God

R 380.00

Cape Town, South Africa

Art print by Pearly Yon
Limited edited Giclée print on 330mm x 420mm Hahnemuhle paper
Art prints are sold unframed and signed by the artist

This print is part of an illustrated series inspired by Gypsy Folklore. Pearly Yon's visual translation of these bitter-sweet tales of love, tragedy and adventure is flawlessly narrative as she links design elements to different pieces of the stories. Yet, even without knowing the intriguing background tales, the works stand alone as pieces of art and sophisticated design.

The Story
This is the story of a stubborn King who would not let a humble, honest Woodsman marry his daughter. The King made a condition with the young man, that he needed to bring him three golden hairs from the Sun God before he could become the Prince. The young man accepted the challenge and on his journey he found the Fountain of Youth, the Tree of Eternal Life and the Sun God. He returned to the King successful, with three golden hairs from the Sun God and was granted the Princess's hand in marriage. When the King heard of the sights the Woodsman had seen on his journey the King ran to go and seek these places for himself. When it came to crossing the river, the King asked the boat keeper to take him to the other side and the Boat Keeper gave him the oar. That is where the King remained for the rest of his life. Unlike the Woodsman, he did not know that when the Boat Keeper gives you the oar, it is a curse for life.

Simone Hodgskiss is the illustrator, designer and letterer behind Pearly Yon. Born South African and raised in Australia, she now runs a one man show from her studio in the heart of the beautiful city of Cape Town. Living in a eclectic country like South Africa which is so abundant in culture, Simone finds inspiration in all kinds of people and places. With a love of print and all things paper, her journey continues as she explores new styles, techniques and medium of illustration and lettering. The name Pearly Yon came from Simone's grandmother who always said “whatever you do make sure you do it properly” which is a motto Simone practices with each project Pearly Yon undertakes - each work has a distinct sense of narrative and thoughtful integrity.