Sleeve: Flying Foxes iPad
Sleeve: Flying Foxes open
Sleeve: Flying Foxes

Sleeve: Flying Foxes

R 405.00

Cape Town, South Africa

iPad : 20.5 x 1 x 26 cm
Tablet : 22 x 1 x 27.5 cm

Original brown paper (customise with a koki or sharpie)
Original paper sack fused to cotton for strength
Sealed with Nano Liquid Glass to be weather & water-resistant
Fully lined with brushed cotton
2 pockets for cables etc,
Device-safe magnetic closure

After a year or so of searching for The Right Bag, Wendren Setzer decided the only way to have such a thing was to make one herself, and in the process the WREN design was born in 2008. To her, a bag should be simple, beautiful and practical, but should also have something more – a story of its own. The WREN design’s range of bags, laptop bags and sleeves is inspired by the vast possibilities of reclaimed materials and the fascinating stories they bring with them.

She now has a team of talented seamstresses’ that contribute to the carefully considered design and quality of each item made. Her different materials form ranges - from antique linen once used to store grain, to cement bags, to Hessian coffee sacks - and proudly highlight the bag's origins and character. Collaborating with PPC Cement to use their handsome reject sacks, Wendren's range of laptop bags has travelled all over the world - with happy owners testing their remarkable strength and durability in varying climates.

With the designer-illustrated sleeves, she had the opportunity to collaborate with three of Cape Town’s finest, and the result is that each design holds a definite sense of identity.