Life as a Cafe

Cafés are interesting spaces, not least because of the visitors who take up residence to eat, work and love in it's spaces. From a quick cup of coffee to a long leisurely lunch, the café offers sustenance of the beautifully crafted kind. 

The consultant, the student, the entrepreneur take refuge in the café, using the music, the endless coffee and the closeness of strangers to galvanise them into tapping away on their laptops. 

On any given day, there are the lovers, foreheads touching, fingers entwined, coffee cooling, and then there are the breakups, hookups, and the comings and goings of love arriving and leaving, fleeting and yearning. 

The café sees it all. The barista watches, cooly detached, the wait staff with their own stories unfolding. 

It is the unraveling and weaving of life. Life as a Café.